An edgy title will encourage people to read

Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, to build relationships and increase sales.


Call your neCopywriter Maidenhead content imagewsletter a tip sheet as this sounds more upbeat and implies your customers will benefit. An edgy title will resonate with your readers and make them open it.

Your website design in Berkshire works to share information and words or video grab people’s attention (proven to have greater click through). Include anything your existing customers may be interested in; new products, exhibitions, press releases, new employees and testimonials.

The best thing about a tip sheet is that, using the rights words, you can draw traffic back to your website. Don’t be afraid to copy your tip sheet articles on your blog, or to add information from your blog into next month’s tip sheet. I can write your tip sheet for you, transforming your technical information, and jargon, into words your customers will understand.

Persuasive content is key to the success of your business. The right words, and tone of voice, are crucial to grab your reader’s attention; they add value, maximise reach and build trust. By engaging with your customers, you will build your online sales.