Website design

Enabled for Google Search

We’ll create a website design, using WordPress, that’s easy to navigate and works for your target audience.

We ask about products or services you’re promoting, what adjectives and keywords best describe your company, how you differ from your competition, what your business goals are, what your key challenges are and what you expect from your website design; is it to inform or to sell? We ask you to say which other websites you like and why.

We’ll help you purchase and domain names.

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We’ll research keywords for search volumes and decide which ones to use in copywriting page titles, headings (H1 and H2), meta descriptions, image alt tags and links.

We tailor your Home page to make people feel they’ve landed in the right place and ask them to get in touch by phone or email.

Entice visitors to share their email addresses, for future contact, by offering a free monthly tip sheet.

We suggest ways to incorporate the right keywords into your blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. Keep your web pages fresh and up-to-date to stay ahead of competitors in SEO rankings.

Short videos are a powerful endorsement and can be created free on your own YouTube channel. People have a habit of clicking away, or sharing with friends, so keep your company logo visible at all times.