RBWM libraries

RBWM logoIn June 2012, the web pages for RBWM libraries were showing out-of-date information and obsolete links. It wasn’t easy for users to navigate the site and it was in need of change.

Due to my intervention, the web pages were rationalised from 85 pages down to 50 pages. I worked closely with the web editor to create a more user-friendly home page so customers could find a library, renew items, download audiobooks and see where events were happening. I wrote the copy for every page, created (or deleted) links, organised photography, added logos for partner companies and established an easy way to renew and reserve items.

The library web pages now have a clear structure and the layout is logical. It is easy to talk a customer through the website even if they are on the phone.

Allison Helyer, Web Officer, said “I really enjoyed working with Jo Flower on this project as we systematically worked through each page to make is easy for Borough residents to use their local libraries. Feedback has been very positive and the number of page visits increased in the first six months.

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