Making social media effective









Social media’s a cost-effective way to engage with supporters, motivate fundraisers, encourage volunteers and increase donations.

It’s about engaging with the right person, with the right proposition, at the right time and in the right place. Being part of your customer’s journey and sharing it with accuracy, brevity and clarity.

Be clear what you want people to know, how you want them to act and how you’ll quantify success.

Being confident, and organised, in your digital marketing will increase your sales, ensure repeat business and customer recommendations.

Think about your potential customers

  1. Be clear on company aim and target audience; find out people's shopping preferences
  2. Know what makes your company different from competitors, to persuade people to buy
  3. Infographic showing statistics and summary of what you're offering (in visually appealing format)
  4. Engage with your chosen personas, their peer groups and connections
  5. Tailor different social media platforms to personas you want to reach
  6. Think about different personas when creating content and choosing images
  7. Think about individual’s journey and how they 'morph' through different generations

Make your social media relevant

  1. It's about tweeting and engaging; using 5-step guide and art of story-telling
  2. Research which National Awareness days are relevant to your business and when they are
  3. Decide relevant hashtags and keywords to use in your marketing
  4. Create evergreen content that can be used throughout the year
  5. Create consistent ways to conclude a post
  6. Minimise errors to maintain consistency, throughout your marketing, to appear professional
  7. Establish guidelines for using your own and partner logos

Finally, keep aware of what your competitors are doing; regularly look at their website and social media activity.

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