SEO content

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Whatever you do, whatever you sell, you want people to be talking about it. You want your website content to be read by as many people as possible and for them to be sharing and linking to it.

Search EngCopywriter Maidenhead SEO imageine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising your website’s organic (free) visits and sales from search engines.

Ensure every customer touchpoint enhances your brand, generates loyalty, increases customer value and maximises user experience. The longer people spend reading content on your web page affects how Google rates your website in their rankings.

Great headlines get your story read, shared on social media and linked to. You can include a target keyword to get noticed by Google.

Links from other sites, preferably sites that rank well with your keywords, is what we’re looking for as this is essential for SEO in Maidenhead.

Persuasive content is key to the success of your business; the right keywords are crucial for your website as they add value, maximise reach and build trust. 92% of consumers trust opinions posted online by other consumers (WPR org 2013).

By engaging with your customers, you’ll definitely build your sales online as people come back to your site for more information, subscribe to your tip sheet or to purchase your goods.