Copywrite our privacy policy

The purpose of this policy is to safe guard you, and your customers, from abuse in the collection, storage, usage and distribution of personal information.

We follow eight data protection principles; data must be fairly and lawfully processed, processed in accordance with data subject’s rights, adequate, relevant and not excessive, accurate and up-to-date, obtained for specified lawful purposes only, not to be kept longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was originally processed, secure against unauthorised or unlawful processing, or accidental loss, destruction or damage, not to be transferred outside the EEA unless that country has adequate protection.

We need to;

  • Respect your customers’ right to privacy and copywrite words accordingly
  • Discretion is vital in building customer confidence
  • Be aware of sensitivity of losing or sharing information
  • Get the balance right; respect everyone’s rights to privacy, use the legal framework and common sense to provide an appropriate level of confidentiality
  • Need opt-in/positive consent for sensitive data like racial or ethnic origin, political opinions
  • Offer explanations, reassurance and honesty
  • Everyone offered legal right to stop further communication by any direct means (mail, phone, email or text) plus same right to stop personal data being passed to third party
  • Be consistent across all mediums like online and shop
  • UK has minimum approach of opt-out which means you’re in until you say ‘no, thanks’
  • Must be opt-in (positive consent) if passing customer’s email/text details to third party
  • Opt-in consent now needed for all cookies (bar checkout baskets) and Google Analytics
  • If using cookies, must indicate this and explain how to disenable
  • Opt-out route (for your own customers) can be for direct marketing of similar products but must have opt-out/unsubscribe with each and every subsequent message
  • We’ll set up your email addresses in the BCC (blind copy) field; people can’t see who else has received your email, you’ll comply with the Data Protection act, they’ll be no accidental reply to ‘all’ addresses and your customers’ details will be safe from your competitors
  • Cookies enable web sites to monitor your web surfing habits and find out which products or services you’re interested in and send you targeted advertisements. We are legally required to tell you about our use of cookies or other tracking technologies