Press releases

Who, what, when, where, why & how?

There is no way of guaranteeing editorial coverage. Newspapers are private, independent businesses and it’s entirely their decision what goes into editorial pages. The only way to guarantee coverage is to pay for an advert.

Howevewebsite content news imager, ways to improve your chances include using website content for copywriting press releases and sending on time and to the relevant publication. We can put your copy forward for media coverage in this way.

Think about who would be interested in your story and use a template to write your press release. Make sure essential information is stated early on; who, what, when, where, why, how.

Journalists need to see quickly what your event or story is about so don’t hide information away. Make the headline as compelling as you can but make it simple. You need to grab a journalist’s attention so use the most exciting thing about your event you can think of.

Make your first paragraph fantastic as this may be the only part of the article that’s printed; journalists read hundreds of press releases a week so keep them interested. Who is organising the event and who will be there? Where and when will it be held? What is happening and why?

Try to write your paragraph as if you were explaining to a friend. Think of a hook to grab attention; is there a compelling human interest story about a local person? Will a celebrity be making an appearance? Is there a world record being broken? Include case studies and use the story telling approach of problem, solution and results.

Try to paint a visual picture in your press release and send in a relevant photograph. Always try to create a photo opportunity to which you can invite local photographers. Supply a quote from a local celebrity, councillor or family but remember to get permission.

You should include contact details at the end; for interviews, media information and pictures.

Send your press release in the body of your email (not as an attachment) and buy the printed copy.