Email marketing

Creating an emotional connection

Your email design is important as people receive over 125 emails a day. It needs to stand out and can be in black and white..

Your subjecCopywriter maidenhead emails imaget line is key to creating an emotional connection with your customer and make them want to open your email and share it with their friends. Clever email marketing in Maidenhead makes this work.

Think about the customers you want to reach; is it by the items they’ve purchased or where they live? How would you feel if they share your email with their friends? Do you feel comfortable with your content being shared via social media?

If you’re including a link to your website then you’ll need a specific landing page for your campaign.

We’ll set up your email addresses in the BCC (blind copy) field; people can’t see who else has received your email, you’ll comply with the Data Protection act, they’ll be no accidental reply to ‘all’ addresses and your customers’ details will be safe from your competitors.