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Flojo Digital is referred to as we, us, our or the company.

Copying our website

The website is owned by us and you are allowed to use the website but not to copy it or start another website in competition using our content.

Breaching copyright

If you breach our copyright then we will be able to do any, or all, of the following; ask you to remove our work, ask you for a licence fee and/or sue you for damages (compensation).

Use of our copyrighted material

We may be happy for you to use part of our copyrighted material but only if you; don’t make any money at all, give us sufficient acknowledgement of our work and provided your use amounts to ‘fair dealing’ unless it’s proved to have had an adverse financial impact on our business.

Copyright on images

The images used on our website are either taken by us or sourced from Shutterstock, iStock, DepositPhotos and Photopin. If you’re interested in using the images that belong to us, please contact us so we can discuss rules of use; at the very least, we would expect the following caption under the image; Source: Flojo Digital

Linking to our site

You are welcome to link to our site provided you adhere to the following provisions:

  1. Use only the url you wish to link to
  2. Use our complete name: Flojo Digital
  3. Your site must either be a personal blog site of relevance to business readers or a commercial business site
  4. No information from our site, may be displayed within a frame
  5. It is not permissible to charge for information found on our site

All material contained on the Flojo Digital site is protected by copyright.

We encourage and permits links to our website, and it is not necessary to request permission to make any such links subject to the rules above. We reserve the right to request the removal of any link.

A link to our site must not be used to imply or infer endorsement of your website, related products or services, or for any other commercial purposes. Your site must not conflict with the aims and services of Flojo Digital.

For all other linking queries please email us.

For commercial reciprocal links it may be required to sign a formal agreement and licence terms where payment for content on your site includes references to or content provided by Flojo Digital.

Infringing copyright

Where we have unwittingly breached copyright, please let us know and we will remove that content from our website.

Law Hound Limited have written a very interesting Copyright article ( which has formed the basis for this Copyright page.