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David Turner

“Jo rarely dwells on a problem and is always looking for a solution.

She’s exceptional at thinking ‘out of the box’ and seeing the bigger picture.

A great communicator with an inquisitive mind who learns fast & understands how to apply technologies and techniques to deliver clear, concise messages”.

David Turner, Senior Director,

EMEA Marketing, Oracle NetSuite

Raising local charity’s profile

Sue Brett & website







The Brett Foundation is a Maidenhead charity making life easier for people who’ve fallen on hard times.

“Jo Flower designed our new website to raise our profile in the Maidenhead community. Jo distributed food at local Foodbank, homeless meals evenings and shelter to fully understand the services we offer. She wrote powerful content and presented images to make people aware of the work we do. Jo researched ways for people to donate and relevant websites for our customers to access useful information”.

“We really appreciate the time and effort Jo put into making more people aware of Foodshare and The Brett Foundation”.

Sue Brett, Founder

WordPress website for CBT Maidenhead








CBT Maidenhead helps you change unhelpful thinking, and behaviours, by equipping you with long term coping strategies to give you back control in your life.

‘Jo’s been invaluable to me; without her, my fantastic WordPress website would not exist! She’s been helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Jo went through the process step by step, making the daunting task seem manageable. Jo’s taken the fear out of digital marketing for me and I really appreciate that. is one of the first websites presented when people search for ‘CBT Maidenhead’. Jo’s expertise ensured this happened, without me having to pay for an online advert. Thank you, Jo!”

Hazel Adams, BABCP therapist

Being a journalist

Baylis Media

Jo Flower spent a week with us at the Maidenhead Advertiser headquarters in Bell Street, Maidenhead.

On Wednesday 10 September, she accompanied me on a typical day.

HRH The Countess of Wessex (Sophie) visited Windsor’s hospice in Hatch Lane and Jo joined me in covering the event. She proved adept with her mobile phone and took some good pictures – good enough to be used in the paper.

She also took the opportunity to join me in interviewing the chief executive at the hospice and staff members in the lead up to Sophie’s arrival – later making an excellent attempt at writing up the story after discussing it with me.

On the same afternoon she accompanied me to Eton College, where we met boys recently returned from a trip to Africa. They had helped with a rhino conservation project there and Jo contributed substantially with questions to the boys and their teacher.

During her whole week with the paper, she showed alertness and interest in a variety of subjects.

Written by Francis Batt, journalist on the Windsor Express newspaper since 1978.

Portuguese villa

A family villa shared with friends and family; the problem being that people couldn’t book online as it wasn’t a commercial enterprise.

Due to my intervention, the domain name was purchased and web hosting organised. They can contact the owners to find out when the villa is available and the online gallery of photos gives visitors a real feel of the villa and its surrounds.

Sam, the villa’s owner in Maidenhead, says “I am thrilled with our website creation by Maidenhead designer Jo Flower; she chose a theme that really captures the essence of Portugal and her choice of photos make our villa look both comfortable and stylish. I was particularly impressed with the way she presented the solution of an online booking system even though we hadn’t asked for this”.

RBWM libraries

RBWM logoIn June 2012, the web pages for RBWM libraries were showing out-of-date information and obsolete links. It wasn’t easy for users to navigate the site and it was in need of change.

Due to my intervention, the web pages were rationalised from 85 pages down to 50 pages. I worked closely with the web editor to create a more user-friendly home page so customers could find a library, renew items, download audiobooks and see where events were happening. I wrote the copy for every page, created (or deleted) links, organised photography, added logos for partner companies and established an easy way to renew and reserve items.

The library web pages now have a clear structure and the layout is logical. It is easy to talk a customer through the website even if they are on the phone.

Allison Helyer, Web Officer, said “I really enjoyed working with Jo Flower on this project as we systematically worked through each page to make is easy for Borough residents to use their local libraries. Feedback has been very positive and the number of page visits increased in the first six months.

Re:charge R&R



A Maidenhead community group within the Bridge Trust Thames Valley charity. They became self-funding in September 2013 and needed to raise money from donations, funding bids and events. Although the name Re:charge was known in the community they wanted to raise the profile of this new R&R initiative. They didn’t have their own website.

To raise their profile, I discovered funding and promotional opportunities (both local and national) and created their website. This involved purchasing domain name, web hosting, writing copy, creating relevant links, organising photography, adding logos for supporters and establishing easy ways to donate via greenredeem, Neighbourhood Budget and easy fundraising schemes.


Due to my intervention, Re:charge R&R is now working with many different organisations (using the free professional help for fundraising applications that I discovered) and have regular coverage in local newspapers and publications. Re:charge R&R now comes up when people search online.

Georgie Grafham, Operations Manager, said “we are absolutely delighted with how Jo Flower raised our profile, both online and in Maidenhead itself. We really appreciate her taking the time to set up ways for people to donate money; it has made such a difference and we’ve already seen an increase in donations”