Daily Archives: 29 November 2014

Enterprise Cube

Setting up social media campaign with relevant images (Oct-Nov 2014). Wrote copy to promote businesses and events via Facebook. Ensured content was read by as many people as possible and for them to be sharing and linking to it.


Clever Little Design

Google Adwords Keyword Planner (Oct 2014). Researched monthly search volumes, and competition, to get 70% of keywords in long tail of demand curve. Segmented keywords into information (looking for education), research (looking for general information), shop (narrowed down to product type) and buy (specific product).



fst-logoWorked with digital creative team at FST in Marlow (Oct 2014) – it’s about the stories you tell, not the stuff you make, and talking with people instead of at them.


Baylis Media

Maidenhead Advertiser – copywriting articles online and in print (Sep 2014). Worked in editorial team writing copy for press releases, creating page layouts, and covering news with reporters; opening Thames Hospice by HRH Countess of Wessex.

Baylis Media


Yoast SEO, WordPress Plugin (Aug 2014). Created Snippet Preview to make text relevant when it appears in Google’s search results. Incorporated keywords into Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Alt Text image, Content and Meta Description. Created SEO Title and Meta Description to ensure SEO check button turned from red to green.


Leather Chairs of Bath

Google Analytics (June 2014). Focussed on buying cycle and searcher intent; navigational, informational and transactional search queries. Smoothed transition to new website with 301 redirects to minimise bounce rates and 404 page errors.